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Capnia, Inc.

Project Description

This environment was envisioned with two key goals:

  • A clean, modern and inviting environment, approachable from all sides
  • A space with elements that can be re-branded with ease

Two 8’x8’ wall sections flank a central column structure to form the core of this design. They carry the brand and help articulate the message to the onlooker in a clear concise way.  The architecture is kept linear and precise with no fuss. The wall sections are built with lightweight fabric precision fitted onto an aluminum frame creating a visually stunning piece which can be viewed from any angle as you approach the environment.Light wood finish on the central column further helps tie these two branded walls. An inbuilt LED video screen gives a hi end look to the space as well as acts as a beacon to pull attendees into the environment.

Strategically placed custom demo pods around the periphery of the space allow for casual conversation while facilitating a demonstration of the product.  A cleverly positioned charging base at every customer interaction area allows booth staff to dive into deeper conversations while the attendee’s device of choice gets charged up.  Options include flooring, demos, seating choices and lighting.  

Project Details

Client Capnia Inc
Date August 2014

Project Feature

Custom product demonstration tables which could also be used as device charging tables.  The client loves these and is using them in their corporate lobby.

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